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Hygiene Health School of Naturopathy and Yoga

Hygiene Naturopathy, one of the highly reputed Naturopathy and Yoga Institute educating patients and community how to be free from diseases and medicines It enjoys widespread popularity in and out of the country. we treat the patients throgh the a ways of Naturopathy and Ayurveda here under the Hygiene Charitable Trust Regd. since 2000.

It known as Hygiene Naturopathy Hospital and situated in Mukkam-Pulparambu, Calicut, Kerala, India. 27 kms away fromCalicut city and Calicut international Airport. This hospital is blessed with natural surroundings and aituated on the bank of a river. Our out patient department is located at MAHE.

  • We deliver lectures on health education
  • Publish books and articles
  • give concession to the deserved
  • give free treatment to the destitute
  • free consultation through mail and telephone
  • Daily one hour health awareness class at the hospital. Patient and relatives can participate and clarify their doubts on health, treatments, medication
and all about the whole medical fields. They will become a physician of their own at the time of discharge.

Natural Hygiene Charitable Trust Regd.

The term trustees shall mean the Trustees for the time being of “NATURAL HYGEINE CHARITABLE TRUST, KERALA” and shall include any trustee appointed in accordance with the provisions of this deed. The founder hereby settles a sum of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees one thousand only)in Trust to be held by the Trustees hereinafter for the purpose mentioned in this deed together with the accretions, accruals, additions there to, including receipt by way of gifts and donations for the charitable purpose herein below mentioned subject to the laws of the land. The area of operations of the trust shall extend to the whole of the “Republic of India”

The Trust is established for the following objects being charitable in nature.

  • Faith: To generate faith in creator among the community objects being charitable in nature.
  • Education: to educate the people how to live free from medicines, doctors and hospitals like one and every creatures in the world. Teach the true art of living.
  • Health: To give relief from ailments through hygienic food and provide such atmosphere. Fight against the anti - health elements.
  • Creation: To create natural products and nutritious food items, cultivate without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Propagate bio - farming. To foster and propagate the above aims, create educational institutions, health centres and farmers groups, Conduct speeches, counselling classes and public meetings, publish books, periodicals and essays.