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It is because of these facts that, in the naturopathic system of treatment, patients are made to observe fasting, their bodies are covered with mud, they are made to drink pure water and laid in that, and exposed to sun .You will be quite amazed to see that, with 3 to 4 week treatment, people afflicted with deadly diseases recover and restore health. This is simply because of bringing the body back to its natural state and keeping it distant from harmful drugs.

Human body is an astounding device. Verily an omniscient and omnipotent engineer has designed it. That creator himself has bestowed it with the power of mending itself whenever it turns out of order. This system prevails in plants, animals and birds as well. As flawless, computerized, reconditioning mechanism works within the body. Along with the creation of body, an expert physician is also created within. In the language of the science of life, it is usually termed 'vital force' or 'vital power'. What we have to do is to create an atmosphere conducive for the proper functioning of this doctor. For that it is very important to keep our internal organs at ease. This can be achieved through fasting. If we could stay without food for 1 or 2 days in a week, drinking only pure water, that would definitely activate our internal healing faculty. During new moon and full moon days there will be special changes in the blood circulation. Fasting at that time will be enough to cast the toxins in the blood out of the body with ease. If we could fast for one month during different seasons of the year, that would suffice for the annual maintenance of body and to recover fully from all its ailments. And furthermore this causes entry of Sufficient air contents to the body. So in naturopathy, fasting is the best remedy for all maladies except in the exceptional cases where fasting will be a menace to life.

As a result of our irregular life habits, the internal 'doctor' may be put in to such a position that it cannot act properly, catering to the needs of the body. In such situations the 'Vital force' can be activated with pure water. Washing the limbs and face with pure water and applying pure water around the waist and head are found to be very effective in such situations. At times when water fails to bring forth the desired effect, we get instant relief with mud. Earth is mud and we are the part of earth. It may be for this reason that mud replaces the deficiencies. Sunlight also is found to be useful in expediting the process. We all know that exposure to sunlight causes formation of vitamins within the body.

To walk in the dawn, exposed to fresh air, to be in meditation during the early morning hours, to delight exercises will all activate the vital force leading to speedy relief from ailments.

Taking fully nutritious food, chew it well before consumption, taking liquid food sip by, sitting properly before taking food, having it in a calm and healthy atmosphere, free from talking reading and watching television, consuming only little quantity and vegetables in the diet, taking supper early, relaxing a little after food etc. are some of the rules of the system of nature cure or natural life.

Honey is a very wholesome and preventive medicine as we know. It is remedy for almost all maladies.

The reason for the naturopathic systems outshining all other systems is simply due to the fact that it strictly imposes healthy dietary habits. It is for this reason that naturopathy is rightly termed Natural Hygiene System. What naturopathy aims is to do justice to the human nature and to be in harmony with his surrounding nature.

How to be harmony With Nature

It is nature's law that children like to play in mud and water. It is because of the instinct given by nature that they love to bathe in rainwater. So do never arrest the call of nature. To a certain extent man can follow the example of other living beings around him. As they are igned to obey the rule of nature fully, very rarely do they have diseases. As human beings are endowed with the freedom to break the law, they do have diseases in plenty.

When you feel thirsty drink pure water, when do feel hungry take as little food as is required for sustaining life, live in the open full of sunlight, sleep early and rise early, get away with all mental tension and stress. If you inculcate these habits, you will never catch any illness. That is why plants and other living beings do not have as much illness as human beings have. Take only such type of food that can do well to your body created by the nature and shun all harmful and bad foods. Food is medicine and nature is the doctor. That is naturopathy or nature cure.